“What we could do with is a quilt group in Grimsby”, I said. “Well, why don’t we start one”, said Annie. “But we’ll need somewhere to hold it” I said, “and I haven’t a clue where to look”. And that was how it started. The venue had to be right and I couldn’t imagine where we could meet. Everywhere I’d tried was either booked or too expensive. The following evening I was talking to my son, who said he had found a really good venue for band practice. When I told him I needed somewhere to hold a quilt group he said that this place would be just right. It had a large room, plenty of tables and chairs, lots of power points for sewing machines and irons, a kitchen and a car park. Perfect! What more could we need!

I rang them the next day, and the room was available.... Brilliant, I thought. All we need now are people who like to sew! The word spread. That was July 2007 and we had 5 members. All we need now is a name. What are we going to call ourselves? “It’s meant to be a haven for ladies who like to sew and quilt” I said. “We could call it Haven Quilters”. “How about Quilters’ Haven” said Annie. So Quilters’ Haven it became. By October we had 13 members and by February 2008 we had 17 members, and the rest is history.

The group is now thriving and the ladies who were there at the beginning are still coming so it must be all right. We are in regular contact with other quilt groups in Immingham, Louth, Osgodby, Tealby, and Kyme, joining together for workshops and talks and quilt shows. It’s fun, it’s escape, and it’s a real pleasure. The Quilters’ Haven domain was already taken, but Haven Quilters wasn’t, so back to the name Haven Quilters. We’re all really busy beavering away at making our quilts which we’ll put on this website, with a little potted history of how they became. Please feel free to browse through the pages above and we hope you enjoy our efforts.

Happy Quilting

From all at Haven Quilters